Mind Your Condiments

A very interesting question indeed.
We are so eager when we hear that God is preparing a great future for us, that He is cooking something very great for us.
We can’t wait to see what it is or what it tastes like.

Imagine that God is preparing a meal for everyone of us and we are the ones supplying Him with the condiments.
What you give to Him is what He uses to make your dish. What do you think your food will taste like if you are to judge yourself?
While some people’s dish will be the perfect deli, some will be so bland that you don’t even know what it tastes like, others might be so bitter or sour that you don’t even want to try.

You must therefore remember that any help you render to God is added in the recipe of the food He is cooking for you.
That is why no help you render goes unrewarded, immediately or much later in life.

I’d like to think that God doesn’t really need us or our resources, He could do without it so when He asks us to do anything, He asks because it is important for our welfare. He recycles everything we bring to Him and gives it back to us. He pleads with us to do more because He knows what He wants for us but He also knows that it is our choices that will get us there.

So dear friends, never think that you are doing God a favour by giving to Him. You are doing yourself a lifetime favour when you give to Him.

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