She Died

I know a little girl, she died everyday.

You see her, a seabed with coral reef,

blooming with colors and life around her.

Inside her are pieces of dried wood,

vain as the Sands of the Kalahari.

You don’t see.

Trying to fit into the society,

she had dried up every form of life inside her,

And squeezed out all her inner colors

And painted it as a picture in the surface

For you and I to see.

You would never see her tears

Because they boiled inside her

And disappeared before you saw them.

If you are trying so hard ‘fit’ in, please stop and recheck your definition of ‘fit in’, because you might actually be trying so hard to look good in front of everyone and so you are pushing yourself beyond your scope of abilities.

Embrace yourself for who you are first and you will find room to become a better version of yourself.

Sometimes you FIT IN by STANDING OUT.

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