Tomorrow Waits for You

Tomorrow is not just the cycle of the day after the night.

Tomorrow is not just the day after today.

Tomorrow is not just after the 24 hours interval.

Tomorrow is not just a time, it is a living thing.

Tomorrow is not just a time, it is a place.

Tomorrow is not just a time, it is a record.

Tomorrow is a day that will surely come.

Tomorrow might be 2 days later or 20 years later.

And sometimes it is the time after you are gone.

It seeks for the seed you left behind and come for them either for good or for the bad.

Tomorrow is the sum of all your actions today.

Tomorrow is your wealth if you plant hard work today.

Tomorrow is sickness if you plant unhealthy lifestyles today.

Tomorrow  knows your face and will come after you. Whether it be for good, bad or the really ugly

It does not mistake one for the other.

Neither does it give your package to your neighbor.

Tomorrow doesn’t just come and go, it patiently waits for you.

But yes that is the good news I want to share.

You can see the face of your tomorrow right from today.

You know if it is going to be good, bad or ugly and then, you can change its face by the things you do today.

It is not too late.

May your tomorrow be beautiful

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