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She’s a beautiful, happy wife and mum of one. Her little girl is over a year. Sometimes, when she gives her daughter fruits or snacks, she repeats to the baby say “thank you mummy”. The little baby goes after what is in her mum’s hand and  she puts it in her mouth straightaway without saying thank you.

The mum is still very happy to see her daughter eat even without the “thank you.” She’s just a little baby, so who cares if she says thank you or not.

By three to five years, she will be able to say “thank you” without pressure from parents or anyone. That’s a sign of growth. They learn to appreciate. Parents are happy when appreciated by their children for what they’ve done no matter how small it may be.

You will not be happy to have children, siblings or even friends who always demand from you without any moment of appreciation for what you’ve done in the past.

Children see it as their right to have a roof over their head, food on their table, their fees and bills taken care of, change of clothes and shoes, rights to choices and so on.

Some children become aggressive when you deny them their requests.

Hello Mum! don’t feel bad. They are practicing exactly what they might be learning from you.

How often do you appreciate God and make them see you do it?

How often do you appreciate your husband and make them see you do it?

Do you know those things we tag ‘doesn’t matter’, end up becoming dozens of matters?

You always talk about what you don’t have, what you want to have, what God hasn’t given you, how you wish you were Mrs. A. You complain about everything and everyone.

Your children see and hear you. They’ve grown in an environment of ingratitude. . They think that’s how life is. They learn to complain. The cycle continues.

Have you ever been well appreciated by someone? It could be your husband, children, parents, siblings, friends or even strangers. How did you feel?

I can tell you felt happy and will love to put a smile on their faces next time an opportunity presents itself.

Constant complaint to God for what He hasn’t done pushes Him away from you.

A joyful life is one that rests on appreciation.

When God gives you a gift, be appreciative to the Giver because when we appreciate what we’ve been given, we  get all we need.

Most times, forget your needs, worries and fears and appreciate Him.

Try something new – select a day every week for thanksgiving and don’t ask God for anything on that selected day.

So many things to be thankful for.




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