See the Magnet to Honor

If you think obedience is difficult then work on the next lane called disobedience. You’ve often read in the scriptures of truth that obedience to God is better than sacrifice and there’s always a reward for it.

I remember a man who gave rise to the above passage, that was king Saul. God had given him an honor to be king not by merit but by mercy. All Saul needed to keep him in the place of honor was simply obedience.

  • He lost his place in the palace.
  • He lost his throne.
  • He lost his crown.
  • He lost his authority.
  • He lost his honour.
  • He lost God’s blessings.

Everything was lost because of disobedience and God rejected him too.

Oh! I remember a popular song and the lyrics goes like this:

Obedience brings a blessing

Obedience brings a blessing

It always works, it never fails, I’ve found:

Just daring to step out upon the promises of Jesus,

Will always work: it never fails to bring the blessing down.

Most people enjoy singing the song because of the melody but only a few understand the lyrics.

Obedience to God guarantees honour on you.

Obedience becomes a way of life to anyone who has completely surrendered to God.

Girl, your future is very bright. It is a future of rest. Nevertheless, you can replace your rest with less rest if you ignore the pathway of obedience.

Your obedience should begin with your parents. Your wisdom and experience are nothing compared to theirs. If you still find it difficult to obey your godly parents, who are experienced and knowledgeable than you, then, obeying God will be very difficult for you.

The only magnet to pull down blessings from above is Obedience.

Mercy can take you to a palace but only obedience can keep you there.

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