Samuel and You

The boy Samuel was living with elders. He was the youngest, the one who naturally should eat crumbs from the abundance of their knowledge. His mother kept Him among “God’s people” because he was supposed to be impeccable in character.

He knew he was in a house where godly things should be done and so naturally he believed anything his superiors did were godly.
After all, it’s the elders doing it.
Samuel knew he was there for a purpose which was different from theirs. He was a living sacrifice, they weren’t, or at least they weren’t behaving like it.

He knew he had to choose his path according to His purpose. But how? How can you maintain a standard when the environment is so tough? Samuel surrounded himself with the aura of God. The more difficult the environment became, the more he dug into the heart of God. And succeeded.

Dear teen, you might find yourself in a situation like Samuel, you look around and everyone is doing the same thing, even the ones you look up to. I want you to know that you are of a unique calling. Because everyone around you is falling for the same thing, doesn’t mean you also should.

Learn to spend time with yourself, that way you will understand your own language and be able to know your boundaries.
Always seek to find out through God’s word, what His mind and expectations towards you are.
Always be brave enough to say no, when you feel like your integrity is being threatened.

As you do your best to shield yourself, you will find the hand of God making it more easy by the day. I wish you the very best.

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