New Beginning.

A new year has started, yes?

You may have a long list of resolutions or not.

You may have started this new year with solid decisions and determination to put your life in order, or you may have already given up on the idea of new year’s resolutions.

Your life might be moving in the direction you want it to or perhaps not, no matter how hard you try.

Whatever the case may be, we have come to another beginning. No matter how old you are in the situation in your life, there is still time to make a fresh start.

God can help you set your life straight; we shall see how.

Genesis 1:1-2:> Does this illustrate the state of your life; chaotic, dark, and unstructured?

Then it is indeed your new beginning. The most important thing you need to do right now is to invite the presence of God. The presence of God will bring you:

  • LIGHT(Gen 1:3): The entry of God’s light is the first step toward redemption. Darkness is one of the biggest causes of chaos. A life without light will permanently be stunted. The light will aid every step of your journey, giving you the ability to discern. Darkness is the biggest cause of delay in growth.

God will help you set your life and thoughts in order. One thing that stunts our growth is the inability to organise our lives and create boundaries, in other words, in the discipline.

He will help you separate waters from land regarding your priorities, inclinations, and even associations. He will help you set boundaries that will regulate your lifestyle for the better. You will see yourself. 

  • FRUITFULNESS(Gen1:11) Your life, as a result, becomes productive. Whatever you put your hands to doing becomes favoured and beautiful. You will excel greatly and become a resourceful person. Your life will be a blessing to others. Our lives can only be fruitful when the right priorities and boundaries are set, and we are moving in the right direction. A true child of God whose life is in order is exceedingly productive so clinging to God is the only way your life can be fruitful.
  • PROPAGATION(Gen1:25) You will have the ability to become a positive influence in your environment. The child of God is known to be a light bearer and spreader of good news. People will be inspired by your life and seek to be like you, thereby turning to God. You will begin to replicate and have children for God.

This is the hallmark of Christianity and healthy living when God recreates you in His image. Every child of God is called to bear the image of God in all manner of behaviour. The beauty of Jesus will be seen in you. God draws you closer to kin fellowship with Him where you can share in His AUTHORITY.

These are a few important benefits of drawing closer to God and having His presence as you begin this new year. With these, you will find a big difference between this year and the previous. Keeping your resolutions becomes much easier because there is influence from the Spirit of God.

The good news is that this is for you, irrespective of the state of your loss. There is always a new beginning with God, notwithstanding the level of disfiguring your life has experienced. It is never late, with God, and it is certainly not too late. 

Run to God in fervent prayers today, seek Him diligently through His word, consecration, and going to His House for fellowship with other children of God.

This is a great chance to begin afresh with God, do not miss it.

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