I see a pattern in almost everything in this world;
Everything, including man, animals and things.
All seek to survive, to stand. Everything follows one direction and pattern; when you give to it, it flourishes but when you take from it, when you share it, it diminishes.
But love…… Oh Love!!
It is joy, it is bliss, the one whose value goes against the natural course.
Add to it and it multiplies gradually, but share it and its multiplication is limitless.
Its tentacles draw from you, giving life and light to places you never imagined and somehow finds its way back to you.
It is a seed whose germination yields endless returns

In the spinning wheel of of life, love is the motor. Turn in on and it can generate enough power to nourish everyone, enough power to sew all our hearts together, enough power to scale every mountain, cross many seas and break through every distress.
Enough power to produce wonderful colors of life with all their sweetness.

Love is what the birds sing.
Love is God and Love is in God.

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