Hear this lovelies,
This is for you daughters of Zion
This is for you who is created by God, fashioned after His own image;
You are not broken
You were are God’s intentional creation.
He knew He wanted to make you when He did.
He made you for a purpose that He has already seen the future of.
You are on that journey, never lose focus.
Do not let anyone talk you into believing that you are broken.
Do not let anyone, not even yourself make you think that you are not worth anything.
Do not let the achievement of anyone make you think that you do not amount to any good in this life.
You are a journey that must be completed
A destination that is beyond your imagination.
You lose yourself when you step out of your path and yield to the pressure of another.
You become vulnerable when you lose focus and your defense is gone
You then listen to voices telling you that you are broken
So if you start to feel like you are broken, find your way back to your path
If you are lost, ask God for direction.
He will take you to your destination.

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