Leaving to Cleave – 2

The Process of Leaving our former ungodly lives, worldly beliefs, unproductive ideas, etc, is not an easy process. In fact, it is a very deliberate and conscientious decision that is to be taken by the individual that is determined to leave those things behind. That decision is followed by actionable events that can and should be measured.

The art of measuring our progress in a process is a skill.

For instance the process of leaving ignorance and a defeated mindset to knowledge (Spiritual, physical, financial, marriage) is a decision that one must take consciously after adequate realization of the futility of ignorance, and that decision will be followed by a conscious effort of knowledge acquisition through the process of buying godly and inspiring books and wide studying, asking questions with an intention to learn.

The good news is that “In Every Labour, there is Profit“.

A better news is that “The profit is directly proportional to the labour“.

So in our quest to leave our past lives, ideas, sin, self and Satan,
there is a need to sustain a consciousness of the fact that nothing good comes easy, and for any change to be lasting, there has to be a process attached to the change, a process that most likely is not going to be palatable at the beginning, but as we persevere with faith and knowledge on the path of progress, we will begin to see the fruits of our labours over a period of time, and the growth that has taken place will be evident for all to see.

Instant results in the crucible of change are like the dazzling of lightning in a storm, it is very transient or invariably absent.

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