24th June, 2021 | Prayer

Father, I come in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose again for me, that I may be redeemed unto You.

I agree that I have not left the Influence of the world, I am still under the influence of sin, self, and Satan.

I ask for mercy!!!

I choose to leave the influence of the world

I believe that Christ died for me and rose again on the third day for me.

I believe in my heart and I confess with my mouth that Christ Jesus my Lord and Saviour.

I believe that I am now a new creature.

I thank You Dear Father for beginning the process of making me a new creature.

I choose to cleave unto You all the days of my sojourn here on earth.

Let Your will be done henceforth in my life forever.

Let Your kingdom come.

In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray


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