Kill the Trend

She’s a beautiful, young and intelligent lady. She’s in her 30s; achieving her desired goal, a wonderful aunty to her niece and a wonderful daughter to her parents.

I’ve always admired her because of her good heart, fluency in speech, intelligence and boldness. She’s a wonderful lady indeed but I noticed she hardly talks about marriage, like it is with most ladies. I’ve noticed it for a long time but was waiting for the right time to come up with the question.

Finally, the right day and time came and I asked “when are you getting married?” The laughter I heard next made me feel stupid for a second and surprised as well. “Why the laughter?” I asked. She said “marriage is not for me and I will never get married.”
“Are you for real or you’re joking?” I questioned further.
She was for real.

In her story, she has never seen love between her parents since childhood. She said for over 20 years her Dad sleeps in the sitting room while the Mum owns the bedroom. Her mum insults and disrespects the dad simply because she earns more than him. The dad being a very calm man always tolerated her all these years.

Her elder sister was divorced at that time so seeing all these failed marriages made her take a permanent decision for life.

Selfishness is one of the major reasons for failed marriages. Marriage is not for selfish people. It is for two individuals who have agreed to come together as One.

If Christ were selfish, we all would have been on the cross because His death wouldn’t be enough.

Selfishness and pride work together and they are home destroyers.

You may be the breadwinner, educated one, talented, skillful and prayerful but can still be selfish.
Don’t forget that what your children see builds a mindset that affects their decisions. And it can make or mar their future.

Kill the trend of toxic marriage else it kills your generation.

Have you gone astray in your home as a wife? and is it affecting you, your husband and your kids?

Jesus still heals.

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