Fight for Freedom

A buzzing sound drew my attention. It was a buzz filled with distress as I turned to see a winged ant caught in a spider’s web, and the spider was home.
It had its two hindlegs fully stuck in the web and struggled to get out of it by an incessant flapping of its wings, while the spider vigorously spun more of its web around it.
The fight became so intense that I could almost hear the drums of battle beating to their activity. The faster it struggled, the more the spider spun. My heartbeats synchronized with the struggles of this winged captive.
The more power it added, the more ‘sticky’ silk she shot at it. Each new strand had a fresher glue, which strengthened the older ones made weak by the unremitting struggles of her captive.
He knew he had to either get out fast or watch his life painfully snuffed out of him, leaving his empty chitin floating in infinity.
While it gave its whole life to the struggle, moving in every possible direction, she didn’t move an inch, she simply spun…very fast.
Fear gripped the muscles of my heart, my breathing got faster as I got simulated into the ant’s place. I saw myself in its place and that threw me into a realm of numerous lessons that I doubt just one post could cover.
This continued for about 30 minutes or more, until all of a sudden, the winged ant became free. The speed at which it shot away from the web got me marveling at how much power it had struggled with persistently for such a long time.
The spider stopped.
My heart became free.
While I looked on, the first and foremost lesson that came to my mind was “The violent taketh it by force.” I saw that scripture come alive.
-The still small voice said, “You MUST have to fight relentlessly”. You dare not relax.
-You see, there is a thing called weakness. We all have one weakness or the other. What baffles me is how it is called weakness and yet have such a STRONG hold on us. It is like a web we have flown into while exercising our freedom of flight. We didn’t chose it but it was made with us in mind. Just like the ant didn’t chose to fly into the web but the spider had it in mind while making the trap.
Have you ever felt something you can’t let go, or something that won’t let you go? You want to stop it but the more you try, the more power it has on you?
Fight for your freedom. Fight in all directions ’cause I can assure you one thing, the spider is spinning. Don’t wait till you’re completely covered in the web of your weakness.
I pray for your freedom in Jesus Name. Amen

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