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Bella has just graduated from University and so prepared to start living an independent life. A life where she could provide her basic necessities without asking for anyone’s help. She had applied to different companies and finally three companies offered her a job.

Amongst the three companies, one of them was her dream company. So, with much excitement Bella accepted her dream company and declined the other two.

The pay was very attractive and comforting. Won’t you say it is the Lord’s doing? Bella was so happy and during that moment she began receiving calls from friends and relatives who needed help from her financially. For Bella, it was a done deal. Money shouldn’t be a problem anymore because her salary could handle any financial challenge that comes knocking. She promised anyone who called, to help them at the end of the month.

Guess what? The following week, the company called her saying that they wouldn’t need her anymore and terminated the contract. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. It was so strange and so difficult for Bella to digest what had happened to her. This pill is so big to swallow.

She immediately ran home and picked up her phone to call one of the companies she had declined and they refused to accept her. She called the other and they also refused to take her. Bella was devastated. She cried but the tears couldn’t bring her the job.

Are there times you have prayed to God for an opportunity and opportunities came knocking? You were so excited right? I can understand the feeling. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

The decisions you take in the face of opportunities can crown you or crash you.

Few months later Bella realized her mistakes. She failed to inquire from God which she should go for. She went for the convenient and better paying job opportunity. She trusted in herself, and as a result failed to inquire from God, and it backfired. She went for the greener field just to realize the green was a mirage.

It will cost you nothing to inquire from God about anything and everything in life. But failure to do so can cost a lot and sometimes even your life.

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