Be Intentional

Is so unfortunate how lives are lived carelessly, but the life for the desire and desperation for sin is lived unintentional so satisfied with the malnourishment of our spiritual soul.

Hunger for spiritual growth is a sign that we are spiritually alive in God and our souls are still tied to Him. When we convert our obsession for food, wealth, fame, negative pleasure towards the spiritual pathway, watch how you will burn worldly calories.

It’s time we intentionally care for our spiritual hunger. Never you under-estimate the devil and his culinary prowess. The menu of the devil is so inviting, alluring and enticing.  He is so intentional about and concerning his customers and you too need to be intentional about your life.

The menu of the devil includes sinful entertainment, negative addictions, pride, un-teachableness, and many more. The devil is so stylishly tactical and deceptive. He is way smarter than you, calculates accurately, and he’s so patient.

You want to be smart and know how to outsmart the devil. Then do it is by reading the Word of God.

Be intentional when you want to speak to anyone or hangout with whomever.

Be intentional about who you want to make your friend and why the friendship.

Be intentional to success because success does not happen unintentionally.

Intentionality is the breath in the lungs of success. Be intentional.

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