Jael, Where are You?

In her were displayed the different sides of a woman.
While I was reading through her story, right before her bloody act, I noticed she was a woman who was feminine in every possible way; in her speech, her demeanor and in her heart. She was everything that made a man feel at home. Even the enemy – Judges 4:17-22.

How could such a woman resort to such a bloody act?

She knew that the safety of a whole nation depended on her.
She knew that although her husband had a peaceful tie with Canaan, that didn’t make them cease from being the enemies of God’s people.
She knew [that] God had given her that responsibility to end the war that was raging.
She knew [that] it was time for her to be one of the emancipators of Israel.
She knew [that] she was a warrior and couldn’t afford to remain a woman at that decisive moment.
And with a strike history was made…forever.

A time comes in our lives when we become what stands between the life and death of someone;
When the future of our home will be based on the decision we take at that moment;
When a whole lot of people will be so vulnerable that we have to take up our weapons and fight, both spiritually, mentally and even physically.

We are not just women, but the mothers of the society, mothers of the nation and the world at large.
God has given women unique strengths that display in the strangest ways, strengths that display as softness and hardness at the same time. The home, church and society can come out of it’s ugly mess if women can roll up their sleeves and embrace this unique attribute that God has given us, for the right purpose.

It is very sad that those who understand these are using it wrongly. Many mighty men are brought down by women who could have used the same tools to make them mightier.
Women are creatures of UNIQUE DIMENSIONS.

May God find a reason to depend on us when He needs us most.

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