How Old Are You?

When asked this question, most often, we rush to mention our age. But have you ever once stopped to think it might be rhetorical? Or that there might be more meanings attached to it?

When someone says, how old are you? It could be a way of asking these:
How long have you been on this planet?
What have you learned so far?
What have you done with the things you have learned so far?
For the amount of time you have spent here, what have you contributed so far?

You see, as we live and grow, certain expectations are laid on us, and if we are not meeting up with them, it becomes a thing of displeasure.
Take for example: at this stage of your life, no one would stop to ask you what is the first letter of the English alphabet, neither would you be seen wearing a baby’s clothes. That is because you’ve passed that stage.

You cannot sit and watch life roll by; it doesn’t just roll by you, it takes you along with it.
You have to seek the LORD early;
Gain some experiences;
Affect someone’s life today by an act of kindness or service, or even a smile;
Do what makes you happy;
Serve God with everything you have got;

Don’t come to the end of your life only to find out that you haven’t lived.

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