It Really Does Matter

He was such a crafty and mischievous child. He grew up with that attitude even to an adult stage. Would you blame him? His parents gave birth to him and named him a supplanted. Funny but true.

He deceived his brother by collecting his birthright for a porridge meal. He deceived his father and took the blessing of his brother by disguise to be Esau and he also deceived his uncle. You never can tell if he deceived more people.

Would you blame him? His name is Jacob. He was named Jacob by his parents. Jacob means a deceiver and he was simply acting based on his name.

The world was filled with wickedness and it repented the Lord that He created man. God was pained, discouraged, heart broken by the deeds of men. But all of a sudden His heart was glued to a man upon the earth and He [God] was comforted. A man comforted God. His name was Noah. His parents birthed and named him Noah meaning comfort.

Noah was not only a comfort to his family and humanity but also to GOD. Wow!

He was named Ichabod by his mom which means “the glory departed.” That was the beginning and end of that child. We never read anything about him.

Today, parents look for names that are rare, sound sweet, foreign friendly, unique or after a celebrity name etc. Some parents even go to the extent of asking people to choose names for their child and even search names from the internet. Only few parents pray and hear from God what His gift to them should be called.

Hey Mom and aspiring mom-to-be, names matters to God. Names are so important to Him and He has proven that to us. He changed Abram’s name to Abraham. Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel, Saul to Paul. He named John the Baptist. He named His only begotten Son Jesus and Emmanuel.

Don’t just choose names from the blues when looking for a name for that precious gift of yours. Names are important and they work.
Giving your child a goodly or godly name isn’t all that is to be done. You have to go on your knees always praying for that child(ren) and train them up in the way of the Lord, not by your standard.

Do your lots as a mother and God will do His lot too. Your child will not be lost.

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