You Don’t Know it all Babe

Early this year, I was listening to one of God’s servants through the media. He’s over 75years old and over 44 years in Christ. His passion and love for God is amazing and encouraging. Despite all he’s been through he is still firm in God.

While the ministration was going on he said something that I cannot forget in a hurry. He said “I am over 44 years in Christ and I’m still learning.” That statement was so piercing. I thought so deep on that statement for days and weeks. It’s months gone and I still do.

This is a 75 plus man and over 44 years in Christ yet he said he doesn’t know it all. He is still learning. It’s a challenge.

Hello babe, I understand how so fast you want to grow or you think you’ve grown. You are at this stage where you think you know it all. You are quick to argue, make suggestions and want everyone around you to go with your idea, you feel your parents are not exposed enough because this is the jet age. That you read wide, make research and know things doesn’t and can never make you embodiment of knowledge.

Education and exposure cannot be compared with experience and gray hair.

Even Solomon in all his wisdom only came to realize that many things he acquired and did were vanity only towards the end of his life. At first he felt he knew it all because God gave him little percentage of wisdom. He misused it and ended up regretting.

Are you there babe? If you have godly parents or are surrounded by godly people you are one blessed child. Heed to their counsel and please also know God for yourself.

You cannot know everything about life and God no matter your age. Be humble to learn because God uses everyone and anything to teach and make one grow.

If you don’t stay humble to learn, you will keep repeating class and if you still don’t stay humble to learn you will finally crash.

You don’t and cannot know it all. Be humble and calm.

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