How Old Are You?

She appeared in about three verses of a chapter in the book of Luke but still left a resounding impact on generations born and unborn. 

She wasn’t from the descendants of Issachar but of Asher; nevertheless, she knew a time and season for Israel’s Redeemer would come. She knew it in the place of koinonia with God.

Anna was known and described as a prophetess who devoted her time and space to God though she was a widow. If you desire to see Anna in her days, it would be in the temple of God because that’s where she spent most of her time. Her service to God comes with regular sacrifices, fasting, and prayer.

Her joy was indescribable when she finally beheld the Saviour of the world in human flesh as a baby. This time, she didn’t fast but gave God another sacrifice called praises. It was spontaneous praise as she finally saw the answer to her years and days of fasting and prayer being answered. 

People often desire to be like certain great men and women they’ve read about or come across. But to tread the paths, they walk upon is a difficult task. They quickly forget that most times, there’s always a cross to carry before you wear the crown.

Knowing the times and seasons is not given to a particular tribe, nor is it hereditary. Rather secrets of times and seasons are revealed to those who make themselves available and are ready to sacrifice. 

At eighty-four years old, Anna still demonstrated resilience, consistency, and faith toward God, her service to him, and yearly and daily fasting and prayer. 

She never gave up and had complete confidence that one day, she would see her Messiah without her eyes being dim.

Hello! How old are we?

If Anna, at 84 years old, still had a working relationship with God, why can’t we?

At 84 years old, Anna could still be consistent in her devotion to God, so why can’t we?

If Anna, at 84 years old, could still fast and pray, why can’t we?

If Anna, at 84 years old, demonstrated resilience and faith, why can’t we?

Dear Gracious Women, if we are not yet 84 like Anna, we have no excuse for giving up and for not serving God in truth and spirit and with consistency. 

May Anna never be our judge.

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