Prayer Births Ideas.

Sexual abuse is a self-worth desecrator, lames one’s reasoning, and often destroys the future of its victims. Most times, victims of such terrible circumstances hardly heal except those surrounded by the right persons who are endued with wisdom, understanding, and compassion. Their healing can also come from themselves not allowing their past ugly situations to define them. And finally and most importantly, God still heals. They giving God the chance to heal.

No beloved reasonable brother will be calm knowing the man who raped his sister. He would fight with everything in his power even if he sustains an injury while fighting for justice; he will be satisfied. 

Tamar’s brother Absalom was not just ready for justice but to snuff life out of Ammon, the rapist. And he did.

This led to Absalom being banished, and he fled to Geshur.  After years, he returned to Jerusalem, but his father, David, was unwilling to see his face. Two years after his return, he persevered but was still unsuccessful.

An idea came to Absalom to set on fire the field of Joab, his father’s servant. When the news got to Joab about his burning field, he immediately inquired from Absalom why he did what he did. Absalom clarified that his inability to see his father has led to it.

Joab hurriedly went to King to tell him what Absalom, his son, had done and what had led to that. 

King David soon sent for his son and kissed him for the first time in many years.

While I read 2nd Samuel 14, Abba, through His Spirit, communicated something so thrilling about the attitude Absalom put on to see his father, David.

The Persevering attitude of Absalom.

He persevered to see his father, and his perseverance brought him his heart’s desire. 

Abba kept telling me that many people haven’t received what they’re requesting from Him because of their lack of perseverance. They give up quickly once they pray for a while and haven’t received the answers to their requests.

He continued; that sometimes the answer to our prayer can come to us through an idea. But when we give up and lose hope, we keep the ideas that can lead to our joy locked up.

Absalom persevered to see the king’s face, and in his perseverance, he got an idea that led to his request being granted. He didn’t just see the king’s face, but the king kissed him.

The answer to our prayers most times is just an idea we need. 

When we tarry and persevere in the place of prayer, ideas come that lead to not joy alone but overflowing joy. The place of Prayer is a place where ideas can be revealed.

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