Hello Beautiful, What do You Know?

Hello Beautiful, do you know how valued you are? Yes! You are of great worth. You are so unique and so blessed. The best version of God’s creativity. A princess to God. He could go any length to save you just to be with you; no wonder He gave His only Son to rescue you. Wow! You’re indeed important.

I ask again, do you know how important you are? If you do, you won’t compare yourself to another. You won’t ever try to be someone else other than being God’s princess. You won’t ever strive to be loved and feel love when all around you is Love(GOD).

Do you know how important you are? If the world was complete there wouldn’t be a ‘you’ but it wasn’t. You completed the world. God couldn’t rest until He fashioned and beautified you. Wow! You are God’s beauty.

You look down on yourself because you lack awareness of who you really are. You let others define you, you let your mind lead you, you let negativity control you, you let failures cage you and you let disappointment redirect your destiny.
Hey! Stop that! You are preciously valued.

You feel valueless because you don’t value the One who holds and knows your value.

Hello Beautiful, you are valued.
You are a child of a King, this King is your Father, your Father is God, the God of the Universe.

You cannot know how valued you are if your heart is not receptive to God’s Word. You must read, study and chew the Word.

Do you know that you can add value to yourself?
Yes! You can.
In living a purposeful life, you can add value to yourself.
Find your purpose and direction.

You cannot know how valued you are outside Christ nor know your purpose.
Find Christ, add value and live purposefully.

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