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They prayed, cried and waited on the Lord for years for the fruit of the womb. Finally, the baby arrived. It was a huge celebration and thanksgiving to God for answer to prayers. Oh the cry and presence of a child gives life to a home. Nothing can be compared to that.

You can guess what will happen as the only child of this couple. Your guess is absolutely right. He was pampered and all attention was completely and solely on him. He was provided with everything as a baby.

At six years old, Kelvin was already manifesting traits of stubbornness, pride and anger. If denied anything, he manifests rage and even hits his mom. The mom was so soft and will always see it as a child’s manifestation.

At that age, Kelvin’s dad took a second thought and decided to start disciplining and talking to him whenever he erred. But his mom would frown and always retorted by saying, “he is just a child”. Whenever he’s being disciplined, the mom would call him aside and pet him sometimes, in the presence of the dad.

This continued until Kelvin became 10 years old. He was so difficult to control and could not be corrected by his parents. He lost his parents at a teen age. He became so wild and stubborn to the point that no one could take him.

You don’t know tomorrow so why not use today to join force with your husband to train your child. The church and society will be healthy if children are healthy.

Mom, through your actions, your child(ren) can be raised or razed. The choice is yours.

Don’t sow a seed that once it germinates it cannot be uprooted. Don’t wait until they are grown to start planting. You start planting immediately you have that soil(soul). It’s not too early to plant but it can be late to plant.

When God gives you a gift, it becomes your own but He will want you to care for that gift.

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