Have You Killed that Child?

She was a very beautiful, calm and intelligent young girl with a lovely voice, but I noticed she was so shy and timid. It’s ok to be shy sometimes but being timid is a demonic weapon used by the devil through man or spirit to quench a man’s burning candle.

I saw a star in her but she saw a rag in herself. I noticed that members of her peer group didn’t want her anywhere close to them. She was lonely and it made her feel worthless. She always kept to herself in school and at the student residence too.

She was a giver and could go through any length to put a smile on your face. I observed her for a few weeks, and I noticed she always bought things in excess so that others could partake. She was ready to cook for you, help you wash your dresses, iron them and even go on errands for you. It was part of her but I noticed she was doing it to be loved and acceptable by everyone.

She was looking for validation from the wrong places and from the wrong people.

Due to that nature of her’s, people around her including younger ones, took advantage of that and misused her. I observed it and was so broken and touched. Being much older than her, I decided to draw her to myself to make her a younger sister and a friend.

She always sang and rehearsed how worthless she was and could hardly looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was always unkempt and she always starved herself of food. I went soft and hard with her because I got worried and tired of those words and her looks.

Oh Praise the Lord! After a few years she was able to break out of the yoke of timidity. God did it for us.

Recently, while we spoke I asked her what really gave birth to that timid and shy spirit back then. She opened up and told me, telling me how her teacher back then in primary school always used words like “you’re not good enough.” Hearing those words killed her slowly and molded her into that timid and shy person.

Even at higher institution she was still hearing that voice ring in her head.

Are you a mom, mom-to-be, teacher, leader, aunty, elder sister or whosoever? Your words can make or mar a great person and can build or can destroy a generation.

It cost nothing to be kind in words, but it cost everything to spit out poison from your mouth.

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. Proverbs 4:25.

Ask God for mercy and forgiveness if knowingly or unknowingly you have contributed to the destruction of a child and make amendments where possible and necessary.

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