A Date so Satisfying

Who is stopping you from having a boyfriend? Why do they want to stop you from that ‘enjoyment and feeling’? You know that feeling of being disturbed by a boy through calls and text messages. Oh! social media has made things very easy.

That love from that boy/man seems honest, pure and satisfying. Right?
That feeling of being appreciated and showered praises.
What a feeling that you wouldn’t want to come out from?

Painful pleasure. Regretful pleasure

I know you have been told don’t have or keep a boyfriend/man friend. Old and same story all the time. It’s now boring to hear. It’s even boring to me.

I know that casual saying “he’s just my friend”, “he’s like a brother to me”, “I don’t like girls company” bla bla bla..

The truth is that you can’t carry fire in your bosom and not get consumed. Proverbs 6:27.
What do I mean by the above? You cannot just have a boyfriend. At this stage what you do with your life determines your future. Any mistakes can destroy your tomorrow. They are simply after what is between your legs.

I don’t know what you’ve been told but let me tell you something interesting.
Well, I want to introduce you to Someone I went on a date with and I still do.

He’s in love with me. His love is the purest. He beautifies and gives meaning to my life. His words, hugs and touch can never be compared with any and it’s not such that can lead me to sin. He makes me feel and know I’m loved. He defends and protects me. He doesn’t run away when I’m faced with danger. Whenever I fall by words or actions, He frowns, rebukes and still draws me to Himself. A date with Him is fulfilling and satisfying.


He can’t destroy your destiny but He’ll land you safely to your destiny because He’s your destiny.
All you need to do is trust His love and leading.

Having a boyfriend is old fashioned. The new trend now is having Jesus.

Sweetie, you don’t have to cut off your relationship with that boy if you don’t want to. If you want to keep him, keep him. Whatever you want to do with him go ahead but, be ready to bear the shame and most importantly the scar for life.

With Jesus you don’t have a scar but a sparkle all your life.

Let’s strike a deal ?.
Have a date with JESUS for a month consistently everyday.

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