Growth a Process

Growth, we were told, is an inevitable process of life. Growth is expected from conception to the end of life. It is not earned, merited, worked for nor acquired. Growth is a universal gift as long as there is life.

Nature itself is a huge fan of growth.

Why do we take delight in repeating a cycle when we know that we could unfold new and better things? So many of us are scared of growth, scared of going through its process and would rather bear the humiliation of stagnancy.

Growth is a step after another and nothing that remains the same that is growth!

If we don’t come out bold and engage change, we cannot be any better shying away. We have a lot of milestones to achieve but lack the will to submit to the process of growth.

Without growth, content remains unchanged and so is the approach, and of course, we don’t expect a result different from the initial.


Fear can’t be innocent of this, NO! One of the reasons we prefer our little circle is because we do not want to confront fear on our road/journey to growth.

If fear were an unbeatable hurdle, even the toddler wouldn’t dare take a step.

Irrespective of how many times they fail to make a step or fall, they rise and continue to thrive because there is no option left but to grow.

Even our nations can’t suffer such loss if the leaders were growth-oriented.

The same way the seed in the ground defies the hurdle of being buried, we should lift our heads even though buried in life’s challenging circumstances and grow.

No growth, no progress and no progress, no growth.

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