Your Lifestyle, A Ladder For Your Children.

know we must have heard the story of Tamar. She was the beautiful, tenderhearted virtuous daughter of David whose name meant PALM.
She was raped and rejected by her own step brother Ammon with the help from his bad friend Jonadab.

But I want to talk about Tamar’s predicament from the point of view that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Tamar’s entering the scripture was very symbolic. Nothing was said about her personal life or intentions, unlike Dinah whose careless intention led to her molestation.

Tamar on the other hand was supposed to be one of those children of David who silently passed through the scripture, because on her own she never did anything to make the scripture single her out. So she was a virtuous girl, following what she was taught and brought up with.

Tamar was a victim.

Her predicament was dated back to either before she was born or when she was little and oblivious of life. She was a victim of David’s nemesis. Remember David and Bethsheba and Nathan?

Dear mother, Dear father
Dear future mother, dear future father;
While you are living now, the way you are living now, do you think it’s going to be a blessing or a curse to that child/children of yours?

Will your child be singled out tomorrow to suffer a curse he/she knows nothing about because you are defrauding or maltreating someone today?

We must understand that the life we are living right now could either be the ladder to glory or the stairway to hell for our innocent children.

Many youngsters today cannot say their parents names when asking for favour because those who know their parents will refuse them help, knowing what kind of parents they have.

Some are suffering from generational curses they know nothing about.
We must be careful to live right so that our children tomorrow will not be victims of our today.

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