Don’t Ruin Your Appointment.

This famous saying goes, “you don’t know the value of what you have till you lose it.” 

Well, the truth is that we often do, but we end up losing it because we pay little or no attention to them.

God never does anything without a purpose. He’s so intentional about everything He created and everything He does. And when it comes to a beautiful creature that is man, He created humankind with an appointment.

How great to be employed by God Almighty!!!

We all have been appointed by God for some specific assignment here. And God gave you that assignment because He knows you can carry it out. He knew your background, gender, race, etc., before He appointed you.

But lack of realisation, contentment, and appreciation has blindfolded many, making them unprofitable to their Maker.

◽Lack of Realisation: It’s so unfortunate that many people are unaware that they have been appointed for a particular assignment. This group of people lives their life as they please. Nothing challenges or inspires them in life. They live a carefree or quiet life and are ready to do the bidding of anyone.

Some in this group feel that they are not qualified to do certain things. 

This group of people is excellent in potential, but they die and are buried with all God deposited in them.

◽ Lack of Contentment: Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body, and mind. 

This group is fully aware of their appointment by God. They know their life purpose and are into it, but along the line, they are discontented and wish to be in someone else’s lane. 

Lack of contentment has destroyed many youths, and marriages are not left out. It has led couples to compare their spouse with another, cheat on each other, and lead to divorce.

Lack of contentment has led to pride, greed, envy, bitterness, frustration, and depression.

Contentment is a virtue that is of a great price.

◽Lack of Appreciation: They are fully aware of their appointment by God but never hallow it. They become so familiar with it and treat their work by God as secondary.

They compare the assignment/work given to them by God with their jobs and measure it in monetary value. And if the assignment God has given them to do yields no economic value or recognition compared to the appointment given to them by man. In that case, they neglect it or treat it as secondary.

They can from time to time thank their boss but never appreciate God for appointing/employing them.

Your appointment by God may not yield you an immediate monetary value. Still, it sure delivers benefits that money CAN NOT purchase.

Don’t ruin your appointment by God.

Gehazi ruined his appointment because of greed.

Vashti ruined her appointment because of pride.

Eli ruined his appointment because of honouring his sons above God.

Moses destroyed his work because of anger.

Adam and Eve ruined their appointment because of excuse-making.

Saul ruined his appointment because of disobedience.

Jeremiah almost ruined his appointment because of a lack of realisation and excuses. But, God had to let him know that his work was not just when he was born but while he was in the womb.

David almost ruined his appointment because of adultery if not for his cry for mercy.

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