Don’t Lose Yourself

They were both old, yet without a child. The love never diminished, the submission was intact, the respect was mutual and the affection was still alive.

At that age, still faced with a challenge of childlessness, she was still connected to the Spirit of God. That was why she could perceive in the spirit that Elisha was a man of God. 2nd Kings 4:8-10

Finally, they were blessed with a child. Within a short time, the son died. Faced with that hopeless situation, she wasn’t giving up on hope. She trusted in God which can be seen in her positive confession “it is well.”
2nd Kings 4:13-37.

She declared it, rehearsed it and believed it. She knew her tongue and action is the key she needs. The Shunammite woman knew her key and used it appropriately.

A gracious woman knows her key. Do you know yours? Do you use yours to lock or unlock yourself, your spouse and your children?

Challenges are part of life but how we face it matters.

Never lose yourself in the face of any challenge. Still love, be submissive, care and pray for your spouse and children. Most importantly, still be connected to the Spirit of God like the Shunammite woman was.

Never let your challenge(s) push you away from God.

God takes everything into record, don’t forget.

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