Don’t Lose Yours

He never worked for what he earned. He lived in a comfortable mansion with orchards and a beautiful garden around. The wife he got was stress-free. They were the most blessed and envied. Above all they were godly. They had a balanced life they never prayed for.

This is the definition of GRACE.

Grace isn’t just the ability to overcome sin but God’s ability proven in your disability.

What you don’t deserve but was reserved for your peace and joy is called Grace.

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They had and enjoyed all they needed but never deserved. They could go anywhere they wanted. They could rest anytime. They could eat and drink anything they desired. They could play and pray (commune) with God. They had the perfect marriage. Their marriage was a definition of heaven on earth. He never deserved her and she never deserved him.

GRACE made it possible

That beautiful home became sour with pains, tears and rejection. Just one thing made them lose it all. One thing.

Grace, when not cherished and preserved, can be lost.

Adam and Eve lost it all. They had to work to live, eat and rest. They lost that grace because of disobedience.

The life you live is God’s Grace.

The husband you have is God’s Grace.

The child or children you have is God’s Grace.

The job you have is God’s Grace.

The money you have is God’s Grace.

The health you have is God’s Grace.

The ministry you have is God’s Grace.

The house you have is God’s Grace.

That you could go out and come in is God’s Grace.

Everything you have or will have is God’s Grace.

We don’t deserve the life we live; peace, joy, salvation, sanctification and anything good but it is the grace of God that has given them to us. Ephesians 2:8-9.

What is that thing that can take you away from God’s grace? Look for it, discard it before it discards you temporarily or permanently.

God’s grace is still available but don’t lose it like Eve did.

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