Only the Blind Affect Lives

He taught he had purpose, and yes, he did. He was well educated and a professional in his field, taught by a great professor.

He was goal-oriented and purpose-driven and whatever he set his mind to do he sees to it that it is achieved, and that perfectly. He was respected and a terror to some group of persons.

On his way to one of his missions something happened to him and he became blind. Mission aborted.
He was led by the hand and that was the beginning of a purposeful life.

Apostle Paul is that man.

The moment he got blind to the world and began to see afresh in God, his purpose changed. He came to realize his true purpose in life.
Immediately after that encounter, and strengthening himself with meat also, he began to live his purpose.

Based on Bible history, apostle Paul was somewhere around the ages of 28 – 31 at his conversion. So we can say he was in his 30s when he came to know his purpose in life.

The moment he knew his life purpose things turned around for good. The lives apostle Paul affected when he found his purpose in God were more than the lives he killed when he was purposeless. Till date he is still affecting lives through his life and inspirational Scriptures.

Until you know your purpose in life you can’t affect lives, and might even kill some.

When you get blind to this world, you will see God with your purpose in His hand. Only then will lives be affected for good.

Don’t wait till you’re 30 to know your purpose. Know your purpose in life now. 30 years is not guaranteed but you have your teenage time.

Ask God the giver and revealer of purpose and He will tell you yours.

Baby girl, you have a purpose. Yes! You. Find yours.

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