Does The Crowd Still Matter?

The woman with the issue of blood….
She was at her breaking point already. There was no single progress in her life. Sexually, she couldn’t find pleasure. Maternally, she couldn’t give birth.
Spiritually, she wasn’t allowed into the temple.
Socially, she was ostracized. She sought the help of numerous doctors but help seemed far.

She was almost giving up when she heard of the new person in town, the Man of miracles; whose works bore an irrefutable integrity.
‘He had healed many people, and so why not her?’
‘He is not one that anyone could easily get to…so what?
‘He was on his way to a very important man’s house, but she was a social outcast…so what?’
It was going to be today or never.

She thought all these in her mind as she cut through the crowd and made her way until His garment was in view.

Jesus felt power leave Him.
Hundreds of people were pushing to keep up with him. He was being brushed against and even possibly swayed. How could He single out that particular touch?
It was a touch with a purpose. He could feel the desperate cry in that touch. He could feel the extent of her desire from the touch. Her touch was not a careless touch at all. It was a touch that came after strong determination to succeed,even against all odds.
It was a touch that said ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.

A notable motivational speaker once said with respect to poverty: ‘Until you get tired of poverty, you will never get out of it’. For the woman, it became a life or death situation; either she gets trampled to death or she receives her healing. And in that state of mind, the crowd didn’t matter to her.

Sometimes we spend so much time focusing on the obstacles ahead that we lose sight of the goal and when we do that, God doesn’t sense that level of our determination. It would be difficult to receive from God with that state of mind no matter how we pray. Because, then, there would be no purpose or anything to distinguish our touch enough for God to pay attention.

We cannot expect God to stop and attend to us when we are carelessly rocking against Him just like the crowd, or even when we are busy considering the crowd as an obstacle. Because, when we truly say ‘enough is enough’, the crowd would not matter to us anymore.

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