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Will He Answer?

I have asked this question time and time again.  I know a lot of us have asked this too. There are numerous times when we pray, but it seems as though our prayers are falling on deaf ears or even non-existent ears. So, of course, we will ask those questions at some point. It is as expected. 

But do not fear, cease questioning, for HE does. He knows what you are going through. And the best part is that he is willing to help. 

So rather than asking: Does He answer, you should instead ask: Why don’t I receive from Him.

I will outline a few reasons the answer to your prayers seems far from us. If you find yourself defaulting in any of these, please make amends fast.


First, you must DILIGENTLY SEEK to know Him (Hebrews 11:6b (KJV), for he that cometh to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him). It is essential to know Him before whom you are going. If you don’t know Him, how do you know what He will do and what He won’t? How will you know how to approach Him? No one likes being approached carelessly,  not even and especially God.


You must learn to believe Him and Believe in Him. To believe Him and trust Him, the need to know Him can never be overemphasized. How would you feel when someone approaches you and says: I know you are useless, and you don’t have what I am looking for, but can you give me a pen? 

Believe it or not, this is what we are doing to God, and I bet you He is unhappy with us. If you must get anything from God, learn to believe in Him and His eternal power and abilities. Equally, you must learn to think that He will do what He has promised. In other words, whether or not we exist, He will still do it for whosoever asks, so it’s just up to you to tap into it. Remember, you didn’t ask before He said it.


Hey Steve, can I get a knife? I need to stab your brother. Well, do you think that Steve will give you the knife? We all know Steve wouldn’t. Same way, God will not show up when you ask contrary to His will, both for ourselves and others. A man of God said that God would provide you with a thing if he knew that what you would do with it is the same thing He would have done had He been on earth and had that particular thing. In other words, God gives His gifts to those who would acknowledge that these gifts are meant to serve God’s purpose and not theirs. This is a tricky one because somehow, we managed to convince ourselves that we are asking according to God’s will, but only God searches the heart and knows if actually, you are being truthful or not.


We must learn to wield the Word of God. This is advantageous in so many ways, the first of which is the fact that it covers the first three things we have outlined so far. It helps you know God and indeed know Him well. It teaches you His ways and how to get from Him. Secondly, it leads you to have faith in God and believe in Him. Thirdly it helps you know God’s will for anything and everything.

And finally, as we are going to consider, it helps us tap into the power of God and bring to pass whatever we ask. When we ask anything based on the Word of God with faith,  we activate both the willingness and the ability of God. He cannot but answer us. 

So dear friends, search thoroughly, and you will see that either all or any of this could be why you are not getting the answers to your requests. 

But I can assure you that if you can address any of these, you’ll be able to hear from God and have your answers speedily because nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible with God.

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