Darling, The Feeling Is Natural.

Why do you feel condemned because of that feeling? You want to destroy yourself because of it. No! Don’t do that.

The feeling isn’t meant to destroy nor condemn you, but you need to control it.

That feeling of excitement or sexual drive towards that boy. Who may have said a word to you or who you may naturally have been crushing on. You see him, think of him and your heart beat increases.

I tell you darling, you are very very OK.

You are not possessed by demons.

That feeling is part of your makeup. Remember you are created in His image after His likeness. The devil isn’t sleeping, he can go any extent to bring pain to that blessing of God in your life. And that is what he is doing.

However, remember that your flesh doesn’t get born again so,

When you feel like visiting, hugging, kissing or having sexual intercourse with him, what do you do?

Do you give in or you hide in?

If you give in, be ready to wear the consequences – the shame, the dishonor, the guilt and the disconnection with your Maker, God.

Think about the consequences and don’t give in.

Darling, please hide in when that feeling comes.

Distract yourself.

You ask me how?

  • Speak to yourself
  • Talk to someone
  • Take a walk
  • Engage in a work or
  • Best option, have a chat with God

Never give in to that feeling because it’s not the right time.

Don’t sell your dignity today to sweat tomorrow.

You will be just fine, and yes, you are ok baby girl. Remember, don’t give in but hide it.

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