Another Eve

Stanley: Hello! What’s your name?

Tracy:     I’m Tracy and what’s yours?

Stanley: Stanley but you can call me Stan.

Tracy:     Oh! (smiling). Do you work or live around here?

Stanley: Yes and No. I work and I do have people who live here too.

Tracy:     That’s cool. Friends or Family?

Stanley: Both. Do you live here?

Tracy:    Yes

Stanley: By the way, you look beautifully gorgeous.

Tracy:    Thank you so much. Ok, bye. I need to be on my way home.

Stanley: OK, bye. But please, can I have your number? Just a harmless friend p l e a s e.

Tracy:    Ok. You can have it.

Stanley: Thank you. Is that your apartment?

Tracy:    Yes.

Stanley: Ok. I will check on you someday soon.

Tracy:    It’s OK, but first give me a call.

Stanley: Sure, I will.

           Just a conversation and a stranger is welcomed into your home and finally destroys everything.

I blame Eve for having a conversation that wrecked the world, but we are plying on that same root that Eve plied, unfortunately.

No! Not all conversations should be welcomed, embraced or analysed. They can be destiny destroyers, relationship interferers and home wreckers.

Eve never got a second chance after that deadly conversation with the serpent.

Women are vulnerable. The devil knows that and engages them with a conversation. Take a deep thoughts of your life (past and present), if you’re honest, you will know that most of the temptations of the mouth, eyes, body started with a conversation. Conversation either of the mind or verbally with another.

Don’t forget that one of the devil’s tools in luring women is conversation.

Take care of your garden. Not everyone deserves to know what’s in your garden- the fruit to eat and the one not to eat.

Sieve your conversations from today and you will never be manipulated and plucked out from the garden.

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