Books and You

Yes! We’ve heard that “you become what you listen to.” This saying has been proven true. Our background has greatly impacted what we turn out to be as adults today . 

But aside from these, one of the salient features that have influenced people immeasurably in good and bad ways is what they digested through the books the read.

A few years ago, when I was much younger(a teenager), I loved reading books, especially books with a storyline based on romance and crime. I always imagined and pictured myself as the characters of what I read in any book. My thoughts became so occupied with romance and crime. 

My mind’s eyes were busy playing a romance/crime character in my imagination based on what I have read. What about my discussions with my friends? We read the same books, so your guess is correct. Our discussions were centred on crime and romance. I became so immoral in my thoughts and words.

Aside from learning new vocabulary, the books I read closed the doors to ideas, inspiration, motivation, and growth.

My transition to healthy books began after I surrendered my life to God. I noticed a drastic swap in my preference for books. My interest in reading those romantic and criminal books immediately died. I couldn’t even see myself having them in my possession again. 

I immediately saw my heart yearning for growth, healthy ideas, and Godly-approved inspirational and motivational books.

Books are powerful tools that can mar or make a person because they have the power to change one’s perspective and mindset. They can spark inspiration and guide you to live your best life. As I get older to date, I spend more money on Godly and good books than I spend on anything. 

Great books contain wisdom, strength, courage, grace, life, and, most importantly, purpose. Books can stretch your mind past any conceivable horizon.

They are the ultimate form of self-education and the ultimate tool for personal empowerment.

Books help us find the answers wherever we are, whoever we are.  They are always there for us.

It can transport you to a realm of limitless possibilities.

As you read other good books, please, do not neglect the greatest book, The Holy Bible. The only Book that is responsible for transforming anyone. And as you read the Holy Bible, be open to reading other good books too. 

Not all books are for consumption though. Some are to be ignored, and some are to be thrown into the trash.

More than 60% of your make-up is linked to who you listen to and the books you read.

Today, many people are heading to a damaged path because they are following the trending path of others to feel among or be accepted within a circle. With boldness and their truckload of ignorance, they sell to more people the poison they have bought from others through what they have read in books. And the trend of more marred destinies, destroyed homes, etc., spread.

Only some ‘good books’ are good enough for you to read. The Spirit of God within you is the best director to direct you on the books to read. Secondly, if healthy family or friends surround you, they can also be a guide or link to healthy books.

You become what you expose yourself to, either by what you watch, hear, or read.

You can live a fruitful or fruitless life through the books you read.

What you read has the potential to affect and influence your purpose, life, family, faith, and relationships.

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