Have you ever thought to yourself why sweet relationships between couples, friends, siblings etc. become sour? Let’s bring it home. Have you ever had a blossoming friendship that is now sour? Do you know why it went sour amongst other reasons? It is because of SELF.

Self has destroyed wonderful relationships and it is still on the prowl to destroy more except you stop it. Self is considering yourself perfect, flawless or more important than another. Self is simply exonerating yourself from a mistake or fault just to look/be justified at the expense of another.

Considering the book of Genesis 3, we see how Adam shifted the blame to Eve, and Eve to the serpent(devil). No one saw their fault, rather each one saw the fault of the other. This shifting of blame is what has brought mankind to where it is today.

God, being a compassionate and merciful God, showed his compassionate and merciful nature to Adam and Eve by sewing a covering for them and not killing them irrespective of the fact that they didn’t ask for mercy. Imagine if they had asked for mercy without shifting blame.

Their shifting of blame destroyed their relationship with God. How often have you fallen into temptation, and faulted the presenter of the temptation without seeing your own fault? That is an adamic nature.

When we err and shift blame to another, we shift God’s mercy from us.

If Adam and Eve valued their relationship with God, they would have been broken and asked for mercy immediately.

If you still value that relationship between you and your husband or with friends that you know might add value to you, then, pause and rethink. You can save that marriage. You can save that sinking friendship.

Don’t be another Adam and Eve please.

Kill “SELF” before it kills your good and blossoming relationship with God and men.

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