A Full House But an Empty Field

That fateful day when He spoke to me, I can recall the love I felt from His voice. He said, “It seems my children all want to sit around my table, but no one wants to work in my field.”

A field is a cleared land suitable for cultivation, pruning, or building. You are a cultivated field, and so are the lives given to you by God. Whatever you allow planted in your field is up to you. 

The seed you allow to be cultivated in you is the same one you will cultivate in the empty field(children) God gave or will give you. 

Just like you can only give what you have, you can only plant the seed that has been planted in you. You can’t plant integrity in an empty field when you don’t have it planted in you. 

You can only talk about it but can’t live the lifestyle. And most times, you plant seeds in others through your lifestyle.

Dear Parents,

We are God’s children, and He has been working in us (and still is) and has granted us the rare privilege and honour of having our own children, who are the fields He has given and assigned us to work in.

God’s house is filled with His children surrounding His table, but the fields are left unploughed. None wants to do the work they are called to do.

Married couples are right in the will of God, and subscribing to having children means accepting to be servants in God’s field. 

Some of the fields require ploughing, 

Some require weeding, 

Some require watering,

Some require burning up the rubbish, while others require planting seeds.

Most fallow grounds need to be broken up, but they are becoming wild fields with bushes.

Some used to be tender gardens but now are forests due to negligence.

Where are the flourishing green branches we used to have? They have all withered away. Dried leaves littered all around the fields. 

As parents, leaders, teachers, and mentors, we must all arise from the table and go into the fields to plant, water, uproot, prune, and guard our fields against the invasion of the enemy.

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