What Sponsors Your Service?

Some services rendered to God are sponsored by the motive ‘to serve.’ Service can be out of necessity or a need to display service. 

The energy that sponsors the service can be from different sources, and it is very easy to be trapped by them. 

True service to God is sponsored by an overflow of a person’s love for God and walk with God. 

Don’t, in a bid to complete your assignment, leave the One who has given you the assignment. Never allow anything to tamper with your walk with the Lord. 

Sometimes it’s easy to serve God, especially when you’re enjoying an immediate benefit(s). 

You need more dedication to walk with God than to serve Him. 

Our walk is more important than our assignment (service). 

A good walk with God will lead to good service to God, but good service to God doesn’t and may not lead to a good walk with God. 

God has many servants, but He doesn’t have many sons/daughters/friends. A servant is interested in rendering service, but a friend is interested in spending time in communion, interaction, and fellowship with God. 

Saul, the first king of Israel, was a servant king, but David was a friend king. All the time Saul was king, God only sent him on errands, but when David became king, he was a king that God could commit His heart, His purposes, and His covenant because he chose to walk with God.

God never spoke to Saul directly but revealed His kingdom’s hidden mysteries to David. 

The same Prophet who anointed Saul was the same Prophet who anointed David. Saul didn’t walk with God because he chose not to, but David chose to. 

A servant doesn’t abide forever, but a friend is a stakeholder. 

Don’t be a servant alone but a friend to whom God can open His heart to. 

Don’t be trapped in servitude alone. Rather be trapped in your walk with God.  

Your growth level depends on your walk with God and not just on your service.

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