An Amazing Attribute

Beauty is a noun which means a state or quality of being attractive, pleasing, fine or good-looking.

Have you ever seen a non-attractive thing before? Something that is not pleasing, fine or good-looking? You wouldn’t want to have such for a possession, likewise me.
No one wants to possess an ugly thing.

Now, can you just imagine you shapeless, empty and filled with darkness? Or can you live in an empty house that is dark 24/7?
With that in mind let’s travel.

Let’s take a journey back to the beginning of beginnings. Before the creation of the world, we were told in the Holy Bible how the world was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

In essence, the world was shapeless, empty and filled with darkness. Nothing was in this world and nothing could have survived the shapelessness, emptiness and darkness.

The Holy Spirit dropped in my heart one attribute of God that isn’t recognized in the beginning of times. An attribute we need to have. An attribute that can save another.

Guess what? It is COMPASSION.

Compassion moved God to make something beautiful out of nothing.

He saw how shapeless, empty, and dark the world was and decided to do something.
From shapeless, He gave shape to the world.
From emptiness, He filled the world with beauties of His treasures.
From darkness, He gave light to the world.

He made all these possible by His word and through compassion.

If God can beautify the world that will pass away,
If God could go an extra mile to settle creatures that have no soul in them,
If God could beautify this world within 6days out of compassion,
Then, He will have compassion on you that is created in His image after His likeness.

Are you in need of salvation, sanctification, good health, peace, favour, deliverance, breakthrough, love, children, prosperity, job etc, I want you to always remember that He’s a compassionate God, Father, Friend.

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