Cover My Weakness

I was in a social gathering when I saw 2 kids, 4 – 2 years respectively. I watched the one of 2 year struggle to carry her little chair which she couldn’t but the one of 4 years who was full of strength came and helped her.

While I watched them, I pondered on these things:

It’s no new thing that we have different strengths and weaknesses but the above shed more light on understanding our strengths, capabilities and trying to help others who may not be as endowed as we are.

I have weaknesses, my mentor, deacon, pastor, bishop, teacher, etc all have weaknesses for we are humans and there is no such word as flawless in the human race .

Our weaknesses could be either innate or acquired, ranging from traits, habits, influence of peer, society & others.

It’s very important to understand that we are humans with a bunch of weaknesses, so we should seek to complement and accommodate the weaknesses of others with our strengths.

Permit me to come into the Christendom for the church is sore sick and wounded .

As a ship in the midst of the sea whose compass is lost, so is the church today. No one is mindful of covering, complementing or excusing the weakness of a brother or sister. Every one is fighting tooth and nail to expose the weakness of one another. James 4:1

The subordinates are trying hard to fault each other before the superior in other to gain some favour to themselves. My neighbor is trying to uncover my weaknesses to make caricature of me. 

Why not cover my weakness with your strength? For we are all different members of one body and have several functions that differ and differentiate us from one another.

Love has become the language of the ancestors because we are too busy trying to uncover one another’s weakness, hence reserving no place for love. I am pained!

You may possess more physical strength than your neighbour, but do not keep telling the world how weak she is.

You may possess more spiritual prowess than myself, but do you need to tell your friends that I am not part of God’s agenda?

You are more intelligent than your mate, but don’t remind them constantly that they am a dummies & a failures.

You may have succeeded or succeeding in your career or business but your colleague is still struggling. Please don’t always remind her that she is a failure.

Your husband may not be as good as your friend’s husband, colleague or even your father, but don’t open the door of your marriage to a third party and make your home vulnerable.

When you cover my weaknesses with your strengths and I do the same with yours, then we can heal a part of the world. We can become stronger than we’ve been.  We can achieve greater things, we can chase & overcome tens of thousands.

When you understand my strengths and cover my weaknesses and I understand yours, we’ll become less of a topic to the outside world.

I need you to understand that we weren’t made equal or to possess equal abilities. Both must complement each other.

Instead of telling the world how bad my dress sense is, why not teach me how to dress better.

Instead of telling them about my temper tantrums, why not call me to order and in love reveal my weakness to me and help me get better.

You don’t have to tell them how poor I am before you can save me with some grains of rice.

I have failed! We have failed but we must heal the world.

Let love be restored among duos and trios,

Let love be restored in the families,

Let love be restored in the neighborhood,

Let love be restored in the churches,

Let love be restored in the society,

Let love be restored in the world at large.

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