Your Divine Order

God created man last, after he had made every other creature. Nevertheless, He gave man the responsibility of managing His resources and overseeing the harnessment, development and alignment of the entire created systems, including the sun, moon, stars, rivers, sky, plants, animals, etc. 

The success of the entire creature was dependent on the success and alignment of the last creature to be created. 

You may be the last in your space, be it family, workplace, school, etc. But as you can see your present position in the scheme of things doesn’t really matter, what matters is your position in the alignment protocols of heavens. 

The destiny of your workplace, or family may be depending on you. Your alignment to the protocols of the heavenlies will determine the success and how far those that are around you can go. So, stop bemoaning your lack, either in stature, or in position, or in capacity.

When you dedicate yourself to the Supreme council of the Supreme God, also known as EL-SHADDAI, automatically, creation will have no option than to align to you. That is the Divine Order. 

Are you still breathing? You have a Divine Order from the Divine God.

You may ask yourself, how can I know my divine order?

..……………. Stay Tuned………….

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