You Owe It To Them

Just like the basic needs of every human being, it is their right to know that Jesus died for them. Everyone deserves to know what was done on the cross of Calvary on their behalf.

All around us are people walking about in ignorance, we owe it to them to tell them about Christ.

Christians all around us are professing Christ and calling His name, but they have never really understood the significance of the cross of Calvary.

It is our duty to tell them that.

As a christian who has been saved, it is a mandate on us that we tell those around us about Christ. We owe it to them.

Use any means you can;

  • Speaking to people when and wherever you can
  • Writing it on your social media for all to see
  • Singing spirit inspired songs
  • Reaching out to the needy


Overall in our daily lifestyle, people should see the work of salvation playing out in us.

God has given us the privilege to know Him as we ought to, and with that privilege comes an expectation; that we pass it down to others.

So dear Christian, it is a failure of duty is around you the light of the gospel is not spread. No Christian was born to be idle because God has placed in us diverse skills to spread this light. They might differ with people, find yours, tap into it and and let God use it.

Just like You cant light a lamp and hide it under a bushel, so an enlightened christian doesn’t hide in the crowd of darkness.matt 5:15, mark 4:21, luke 11:33.

You were not saved to pass through this life silently, you owe it to them to spread the light in you.

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