You Can Stop Wishing.

We admire, celebrate and wish to be like those who were successful or are living a successful life. Whenever we come in contact with these successful men/women, we just want to hug and even take a photograph with them.

Sometimes you may have a lot of questions to ask them. Questions like;
‘What influenced your path of success?’
‘What were your do’s and don’ts on this path?’
‘What were the challenges you faced?’
‘How did you overcome those challenges?’
And lots of more questions as the discussion progresses.

Listening to these successful people, you tend to be motivated and challenged. But you will also notice the sacrifices they had to make to be the success people celebrate and admire.

As a student, your sacrifices will be disciplining yourself to concentrate when studying, avoiding frivolous friends and having a goal to pursue.
As a business person, your sacrifices will be to understand the nature of the business, understand the risks involved in the business, time management, social life and relationship etc.
As a professional, your sacrifices include upgrading your knowledge through certification and skill acquisition.

But when it comes to the aspect of life, which is the only thing that matters here on earth and in eternity, most people become so sluggish. The presence of God which should be the first priority in a man’s life becomes secondary. The spirit man is neglected and the soul is being starved.

Some admire and desire to be like Mary Slessor, Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon, Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman, Billy Graham and the likes but are not ready to pay the price.

These men paid the price. They understood the importance of having a relationship with God. They understood that nothing on earth can be compared with having the Spirit of God as a man.

Someone prayed and said;
Oh Lord! You can rip me off of everything that I have, but not Your Holy Spirit.

Until you come to the realization that in God alone you live, move and have your being, you will never understand the things of the Spirit.

The price of disciplining oneself to have a relationship with God through long hours of studying the Word of God, long hours of seeking God through prayer and fasting, adhering to the voice and leadings of the Spirit of God in your inner man at all times, cannot be overemphasized.

There is no Success without Sacrifice

To achieve success in anything you must sacrifice. And real life success is having the Spirit of God actively involved in your daily living.

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