You Can Convert Your Discussion

Have you ever met someone for the first time and just fell in love with her personality?

I was caught in that web, the web of pure love at first sight. A jovial, free spirit, honest, intelligent and beautiful soul. We were both introduced to each other by my friend who also was her friend.

I had just met Rejoice for the first time and it seems to me I had known her all my life.

We three had a long, interesting and impactful discussion.

During the discussion, we talked about our families and while the discussion progressed, Rejoice began to sob. Favour and I were shocked and we both began to console her. Funny enough we had no idea why she was crying. The more we patted her, the more she cried.

“What happened?” “What did we say?” were our words to her. We were patient until she calmed down and could speak.

The thoughts of not having her dad with them in the family came crushing her to tears. She told us the last memory she had of her dad was when she was 5 – 6 years old. Her dad traveled and since then till that moment they haven’t heard from him nor know his whereabouts. Rejoice was 26 – 27 years as at that time.

As she cried, we were also emotional and began to cry with her. We asked her what she wanted. She said she wants to reunite with her Dad. She want him to come home to her mum and her elder sister.

That was all the information we needed from her and immediately we turned our tears to God. We prayed and knocked on the door of heaven that day.

A year later, I received a message from Rejoice “my dad is home.” I doubted the message and we hooked up for a voice call. I screamed and jumped for joy. She was amazed how God could answer prayers so quickly. She is forever grateful that she came in contact with foreigners.

Most times, our discussion with one another as women needs to be converted to prayer not gossip.

God is interested in what you do with the information you have either about someone or about something.

What can someone remember you for and be thankful to God on your behalf?

Knock on heaven’s door today for someone’s salvation, deliverance, and blessing.

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