Why You Lose Your Identity!

Sometimes we think we are motivating ourselves with others, not knowing we end up comparing with others. Motivation and comparison are two different words with different meanings.

Let’s get the two terms defined.
To compare is to be like or equal to another. The drive of comparison is sponsored by negative energy.

While motivation is an energy that drives someone to feel determined to do something or enthusiastic about doing it.

Most parents and even adults have gotten it all wrong and lost their children and also themselves in the vehicle of comparison.
I’ve heard parents tell and even sometimes yell at their children because they want them to be exactly like another. Sometimes some children receive flogging from their parents as a result of this comparison.

Unfortunately, adults are not left out in this boat. Many adults feel unfulfilled and even use-less because they aren’t yet like Mr. A, Mr. X or Mr. Z. They feel more fulfilled when they become exactly like who they want to be.
Social Media has made this trend of comparison to be worse.

Comparison is devilish and God created everyone to be unique and not to be another human except like Christ.
The Scriptures in 2nd Corinthians 10 vs 12 condemns comparison.

One of the dangers of comparison is that it makes one lose their identity. When you fill yourself so much with the ideas of others, you start to lose sight of your own ideas and identity.

Be motivated to be great and do great things but don’t compare yourself and strife to be like another in their way thereby you lose your identity.

You were created unique by the unique God and He deposited unique ideas, talents and gifts in you. Discover yourself because you’re the best version of yourself.

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