Who the Devil Hates the Most

Dear Gracious woman, has it ever occurred to you that the devil is more after you than after the man?

Have you ever wondered why most moral decadence has the woman in full focus? In every part of evil, there is something of a woman at the heart of it… They feed the Adams with forbidden fruits and the world at large is suffering the effect.

The woman is the heart of God’s creation. The perfection of everything that has been created. A woman is God’s finishing touch on creation. The part of Him that creation was lacking.

She is the beauty of God, the passionate part of God, The part of Him that is irresistible, The one who brings and nurtures life. The completion of creation.

She is that part that God did not give to Satan who was endowed greatly.

He knew you had a special significance to the creation and that if he touched you, he will succeed in doing a lot of damage. He needed to take the place of the woman for him to control the earth.. it was her place he was after. He is known for going after what he doesn’t have.

But not you dear woman, there is power in knowing who you really are, and are meant to be.

You are the core of your family and circle, the finishing touch, the nurturer of life.

You are the one that says which way the world should go, by raising the leaders that should be. Do not settle for the persona of ‘a literal weak vessel’. Be assured that your Adam will eat from you, the fruit he has no willpower to eat for himself and so you must feed him the right fruit.

You must feed him victory.

You must feed him fire from the altar.

You must feed him the fruit of love and confidence.

You must feed him that part of God that you represent.

The next time the devil comes to tempt you with seemingly beautiful temptations, remind yourself that you are already, by default, more attractive than what he is presenting, you have what he doesn’t and that’s why he wants to use the fake and enslave your original. Remember you are the nurturer and guardian of your territory, so do not relinquish your place to him.

Have this knowledge and kick him out of your territory the next time he shows his ugly face.

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