Who Are You To Them?

After yesterday, you must have done a mental note to re-examine your company again right? You must have decided to find out the Jesus and the Jonah. Well, that should be the right thing to do and the right step to take.

While we are at it, I want to talk to you about the first and most important person you have to access and that person is……. you

While you are looking to see if any is like a Jesus in your boat, you must examine the role you also play in their boats.

Are you a Jesus or a Jonah?

Your contribution in their lives, is it sinking their ship or keeping it afloat?

Are you actions attracting storms and waves in their lives or commanding peace to be still.

You see, it is very easy to access others but not ourselves. It is easy to evaluate the presence of someone in our lives but not ours in theirs. While we are expecting our friendships, relationships and partnerships to keep our destination sure, we must ensure too that our roles in their lives and that of others isn’t veering them off their own destination.

To do this;

*We must ensure that we are people who examine ourselves and get rid of any negative attitude in us.

*Our words should be seasoned with grace to always encourage and not to tear down.

* Our relationship with God is intact, so that we can attract favour from Him to us and those around us, instead of judgement.

*We must be relationship builders and not destroyers.

*we must dissociate ourselves from every bitterness and negative emotions so that we must be a source of joy and light to others.

* We must always examine ourselves and ask God to always keep us on the right track so that we won’t mislead others.

In making sure that we are on the right track, we unknowingly set the right conditions to favour those around us. But when we do otherwise, we also set conditions that might lead to their damnation. 

So the next time you are examining those around you to make sure they aren’t causing your storm, examine yourself to be sure you aren’t causing their either, because, just as their actions can affect your destination, so yours can affect theirs.

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