When You Hear Your Own Story.

David seemed to have spent so much time in power that he no longer felt like he was still subject to judgement. He had always been the one dishing our penalties on offenders that he forgot that if he does something wrong, it is also an offence that should be punished.

Being a king, none of what he does was questioned and so he actually got deluded into thinking everything he did was acceptable.

While the kingdom was at war, he stayed home walking leisurely on the roof.
He got overcome by lust and committed adultery, worse so, in such a way that he took advantage of a common woman and she had no choice but to submit to her king. He got her pregnant and ended up killing her husband in a horrible way; commanding her husband’s own comrades to betray him.

A man was fighting to keep him safe so he could be at home, he forced himself on the wife, got her pregnant and back-stabbed him. But the weight of this wrongdoing didn’t seem like anything to David who believed that his throne could buy him out of anything, not until it was recounted to him by another.

God knew the language that David would understand and how to get through to him. It was through the privilege he enjoyed at the moment- the authority to pronounce judgement. God wanted him to give himself a judgement befitting for the weight of his sin but he couldn’t do that unless he was lowered to the level of a subject.

And so God moved the prophet to reduce David to the level of a subject, oblivious to him.
David flew into a rage, he didn’t see the injustice in his actions of recent past but could see all the wrong that the supposed citizen did.
Engaged, he pronounced the ultimate judgement-DEATH.
And then the table turned.
It wasn’t until it was him that he understood the gravity of what he did.

Dear Christian, carefully consider the acts of David, and search yourself. It’s very easy to be a just judge when you hear about others, but imagine that the way you are acting now is being told to you as the acts of another and you were making your usual flawless judgement, what kind of judgement would you be serving now?

It is very important that we examine ourselves and actions constantly by allowing the Spirit of God to point out our errors and subjecting ourselves to change. This way we can truly be assured that we are living right.

Also, before or instead of spending our time pouring judgement on others, we must make sure we also are not found in the same or another sin.

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