What’s Up With The Calorie?

The irony of this generation is that almost everyone is a culprit of a crime they condemn.

Oftentimes we fall victims to what we speak against, preach against, advocate against.

We run into an old friend who has put on so weight and say “hey girlfriend you look good but you need to shed some weight.”

Without hesitation we point out the possible dangers or disadvantages of keeping such weight. We even add that she might not find a man easily with a weight of 150kg or 330pounds.

We make them have a poor view of themselves.

We give them that look of disparage and make them feel that nothing good can ever be said about them.

Why so? Because you see the physical weight so judging them becomes easy.

My dear figure 8 lady who sees the pounds of fats to be shed by another, have you taken time to see the the pounds of hatred, envy and unforgivness in your heart?

We are so quick to judge what we see but we preserve that inner man full of wickedness and  deceit.

You’ve been laddened with the weight of unforgivness for the past 15 years simply because he/she hurt you and it has never occurred to you that you need to shed that weight.

Dear slim fit woman, may I bring to your notice that the weight of unforgivness is far heavier than the weight of fats.

Should I tell you some of the dangers and disadvantages of being laddened with unforgivness as you earlier advised? I presume you know them all already but let me bring your attention to these.

Have you thought about the danger of hell as result of unforgivness?

Have you thought about the unhealthy heart’s condition ?

How about not finding a groom in Christ when He appears?

Let me lower the light at this juncture.

Can I tell you that I was once in your shoes? I had bounds that shouldn’t be crossed by anyone but a close heart crossed it and the seed of hatred and unforgivness sprang, grew and bore fruits of hundredfold just in a twinkle of an eye.

I was so heavy, laddened and helpless just like the obesed lady you spoke to.

I tried some exercises to help me shed those weights of pain at least but all to no avail. Then I knew I needed a stronger composition to flush my system through.

Helplessly, I complained and cried to my fitness coach[God] because I was too heavy. All my shame was disclosed to Him and He began a soft and smooth work on me. Finally, He made me fit ?

Forget about the physical weight with a lovely heart and focus on the lovely physical appearance with a dark and weight-filled heart as a result of hatred and unforgivness.

You can try my recipe and help yourself so that we all can look up to heaven without shame.

Till we meet, let us all love dearly.

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